About Us

We are the Spencer Family and we are the proud owners of Celtic Stables.  Keith is a Partner at a Law Firm and Sheryl is the House, Family and Barn Manager.  Our daughters, Bridget and Virginia, are part-time barn helpers and full-time lovers of horses and nature.  We have two rescued cats named Tom and Mary and a Grey Welsh Mare named Fancy.

We used to spend our weekends in Southlands catching and releasing frogs from the ditches and admiring the horses and all the natural beauty of the neighbourhood.  When property became available along the Fraser River, we decided we wanted our daughters to grow up ‘in the country’.  In 2009 we built our home, and Bridget and Virginia began taking riding lessons.  We all began dreaming of owning a barn.  In 2010 we started designing a stable and in 2011 we hired Tidball Contruction to build it.  We relied heavily on our friend and trainer, Amelia Butler, and our builders Stephen and George Tidball to guide us as we built a barn that put the safety and comfort of horses first and was a pleasant place for their owners and riders to be.  We think we did a pretty nice job!   On April 1, 2012, we welcomed our first Boarders into our new stable and we feel like our family has grown as a result.